Maternity shoot

A bit different maternity photo session - for the first time it is of my girlfriend Dalia! We are expecting a very unusual Christmas present this year!

After all the talks about photography at home (nagging out new gear) I could not afford not taking pictures of her, so here are some shots from the latest session we had.

The idea was to have 'white and light' maternity pictures and I think it worked out pretty well!

We could not miss the 'belly holding' shot too, with yours trully in there as well :)

Realy excited about our first addition to the family! I don't think I fully understand what's coming my way, but I am definitely getting a lot of practice with baby photography quite soon!

If you are interested in details on lighting setup and diagram, click the Read More link.

All of the above photos were made with my Elinchrom Bx 500 Ri kit plus Lastolites TriGrip difuser. I used 'double diffusion' for the color pictures, squeezing the TriGrip difuser in between subject and the softbox to make the light softer and more wrapping. The setup looked similar to this:

Spill of light on the background from the main softbox was lighting the right side of the background and to clean up small remaining shadows on the left I added a small pop from the second BX 500 Ri unit. It also lit left side of Dalias face a little. I guess there would be no need for the second softbox if I had the space to move back the main light far enough so that it had full and even coverage of the area. 

The belly closeup shot was done with one softbox acting as a background and the other one double-diffused with a curtain (jep, a white curtain...) lighting almost on camera axis. I had the camera on a tripod right under the softbox. You can see the exact setup here:

I put the TriGrip underneath main light to fill in the shadows just a little bit. Same is function of the gold/silver skin of TriGrip that is laying on the floor. They both bounce back just a little bit of light, but that is all that is needed!

Post processing of all photos done in Bibble 5 as usual. Nothing fancy really, just some selective blurring of wrinkles on her shirt. The last photo obviously got BW conversion applied and some vignetting.

It is so great to get the lights set up correctly and have a close to finished image as soon as you open it on your PC! 'Get it right in camera' philosophy is paying off more and more with every photo shoot!

Now off to continue my work on the baby room...

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