Best autumn colors!

I declare this year as delivering the best autumn colors ever since I moved to Sweden. Have not seen such intense fall palette for 8 years or so now! Appreciate that there was no storm to tear down all the colored leaves and we get to enjoy gorgeous colors of autumn for so long.

Look out the window of your car/bus while you can ;)

All shot on Nikon 70-300 lens and well... I still use my D70s body... I got a D600 in February this year (jep, 8 months ago) and still appreciate my D70s :) ahhh... For now I'll just say that I was one of the 'lucky' ones who got a D600 with poop on the sensor... More when the story is over!

Cheers for now!


Not all cancellations are bad!

Today got a last-minute Christmas card session cancellation (here it is the season of ill children) which turned out into a ton of fun at home instead. So in the end some free time is really good as well. Always look on the bright side of life!

E has a new hideout! One of the 'top secret' type.

J is all laughter. She will never miss her chance to smile back at you.
And I played with Bibbles cross-processing preset while they were resting.

Julia - how it was made

I proudly present the latest member of our family- Julia. She just turned one month! I don't have to say we are more than happy to have her. A note of sanity- this post is not about how Julia was made, it is more about the photo... ;)