How to crop in Bibble?

It might sound like a funny question, but in all brutal honesty- it took a while to figure out the trick behind crop tool in Bibble 5. And so how do you crop in Bibble?

All you need to do is just press 'c' (or click the crop button ), select the area you want to keep in the photo and ... that's it. I had to take a break and come back to the crop issue before it struck me that there is no need to double-click or 'apply' or 'ok' my crop. The cropping was finalized right after the selection... And as soon as you switch to another tool (i.e. click the 'Pan & Zoom' button), Bibble will display the properly coropped photo.  And even if you don't switch, your crop settings are already saved and active.

Today I've been working with Bibble for 4 months or so now and sometimes I still catch myself double-clicking in the crop area to apply my settings... Bibblelabs have surely eliminated a completely needless step, but it seems to be stuck in my head for good :D

While we are talking about different behaviour of buttons, 'View Mode' selector is also just a tad funky:

Here is an explanation of every button (copy/paste from Bibble on-line manual):

•    Toggle Full Screen Mode - Maximizes Bibble 5 and hides the top Window Title Bar.
•    Toggle Orientation - Switches between Landscape and Portrait layouts.
•    Image View Mode - Hides the Thumbnail Panel to make the Preview Panel as large as possible.
•    Standard Mode - Reveals both the Preview Panel and the Thumbnail Panel.
•    Thumbnail Mode - Hides the Preview Panel to allow quick browsing through many thumbnails.
•    Soft Proof Toggle - Enables or disables Soft Proofing, and allows the selection of a Soft Proof profile

'Click arround and get used' method works for View Mode quite well.

All in all there wasn't much effort required to get used to the tool when moving over to Bibble (I was using Capture NX from Nikon before switching to Linux). Usual couple of days of playing with new software and we were on our way to starting up a nice friendship! And come to think of it- I don't feel like going back.


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I even had to google this question. Thanks!