New Bibble 5.2 released just now!

Great news today- Bibble labs have just released a '5.2 Release Candidate' version of their RAW photo editor. It is not the final version (not gone through full testing procedure as I understand), but I am already downloading it for a test ride on my laptop (paranoid to touch my workhorse PC just yet :) )!

A whole bunch of new features added. I have a hunch that I will especially enjoy enhanced selective editing - layer opacity and ability to copy/paste layers - to name a few. Read full details about this release on bibblelabs forum here or just download Bibble 5.2 from here.

Updates and more hands on comments inside the post!

Update 1 - Upgrade installation:
Smooth just about sums it up. On Fedora all I needed to do was download the .rpm package of Bibble 5.2 and run it. Afterwards started Bibble and it was the new 5.2 Release Candidate. All my previous settings were still there, including default RAW settings and color profiles.

Update 2 - first impressions:
If there was anything to complain about minor glitches with slow crop tool or other slider-related lagging in 5.1, all of it is gone. The interface just feels... right! Well done!

The 5.2 has very subtle makeup, like the font of layers window is smaller, the toggle view mode buttons are redesigned also. There is no more 'apply vignette to cropped area' check box. As promised, layer opacity is there! And it works :) However the layer masking is a bit messed up... if you resize the window while the mask is visible (a new brilliant 'show strokes' option keeps the mask visible) the mask does not really resize with the image... plus there is a weird cut off of the mask on top of some images! ooops...
I am sure (ammm... I hope...) folks at Bibble Labs are on this issue. Plus as this is a RC version there is nothing to complain about.

Can't put my finger on it, but it seems that my lats week complaints about resizing/sharpening might be not so valid for 5.2 any more. But that needs to be proved later on.

The RC version has not yet crashed on me after using it for 1 day... So all in all it seems that this already is a workable version and after final bug cleanup it will be one sweet upgrade!

Check out this forum at, all the folks that installed 5.2 RC1 are reporting bugs there. Most of the latest threads are labeled smth similar to "5.2 RC1" and those are the ones you are after. Leave your bug there too if you found any!


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