Concert at Musikens Hus Göteborg

Three local bands were playing in Musikens Hus Göteborg this Thursday.

The evening kicked off with Desiree Hermann:

Then followed by a wild and crazy act of Kapten Hurricane:

And finished off by Bobastian:

Great evening all in all. Lots of fun, good music and great people! Rest of the pictures from the concert are here.

For the geeky part- I am still shooting with D70s. All pictures were taken with Nikon 18-70 kit lens. No flash at all this time. As it was dark in there, all had to be shot ISO 800...

Raw processing done with Bibble 5 (still under Linux ;-) ). Not much of it actually. I messed up white balance, so that had to be fixed. Added strong vignetting to most of the pictures to clean off the cluttered background. I have made the personal discovery of Noise Ninja while working on these pics (it is built into Bibble 5). It is a really useful plugin when a dark cafe forces to use high ISO... More on that some other time.


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