Main sources of education

Here is the main batch of links for ya. I've learned a lot from these guys. There is a lot of stuff to read, but most of it is worth it!

The main dude- Joe McNally and his blog. What he does amazes me all the time. Good source of inspiration. And he finds really neat ways of using Nikon (and other) lights. And the amount of them in some cases! Respect!

Legendary Read him. Do your best and use the tips in real life. Worth it 100%.

Chase Jarvis. The new star in my horizon.

Not too long ago came across Planet Neil. Good stuff on using minimal amount of artificial lights.

The above ones can be visited daily... A guy has to have his heroes... :)
Dave Black updates his page monthly. Very god pictures with all tech details you need.

These next two... ammm... Remember the "read with grain of salt" thing? Well, go to your shop and get a new bag of salt.

Lighting Technique Forum (and others) on Loads of BS as in most forums, but if you have some time to waste, you might find some nice stuff there.

And the all time web photo contraversy Ken Rockwell. If you need aditional info on your Nikon (and nowadays he reviews Canon too) gear, you'll find it on his website, but don't forget the salt you bought the other day... Cz you might end up reading some rant about what a waste of time TV is :)


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