Get those collors right- calibrate your monitor!

Or as it was in my case- get a proper monitor in the first place.

When working on Leidi misterie photo I had this strange feeling that something was not right with the colors as I did play arround with white balance a bit. So I took the photo to a lab and printed it. Good thing I did! Here is what it looked in the first place:

Too yellow you think? It seemed perfectly fine on my LG laptop monitor (if she doesn't look yellow to you, read on and go find your monitor dealer :) ). 
Jump into the post to see how I calibrated the colors on my laptop.

I didn't really... I tried! But it went completely wrong. For starters I got myself a Spyder 2 calibrator which in theory works with laptop monitors too. In reality it messed up the color profile so badly I couldn't recognize any of my pictures any more. Back to the shop.

A chat with a friendly sales person later I was going home with my brand new Eizo FlexScan S2232W.

It came bundled with a calibrator and software. As I understand it is a Spyder3 with Eizo label on it.

Installed on Win Vista without any problems at all. The software takes a while to startup on my aging laptop though (everything freezes for some seconds after login). After calibration I compared the default profile with calibrated one- not much difference, so if you're not too picky you can skip that part.

Was it worth it? Every single penny! There is so much more detail in the pictures now! And when I print my pictures, they look almost the same on paper as they do on screen!


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