Lighting J in Berlin

Jörgen is a good fella. We work together as geeks. While doing some work in Berlin this summer we could not miss our chance to create his portrait, showing his huge interest in history. Where else if not Berlin?..

So, we picked the biggest site of them all. At the time we arrived the sun was all the way up. Seemed quite boring. Managed to talk the guys to grab a beer while we wait for some better backlight. Could not wait long enough, but you can already see the sun shining through the back of the gate.

Trusty old VAL David was holding a bare SB-800 to the left of the camera, a bit above J's eye level. The flash was triggered by on-camera flash of D70s. I sinned and did not note the settings, but those don't really matter too much. The background was underexposed by a few stops and J got blasted with correct amount of light, making him stand out in the picture, having the bright light of the future in front of him, with knowledge of history behind :)

Good luck with the timing again. The place was crowded and we managed to squeeze a shot when there were no people in the frame, except for one lady with baby right under his left arm. Was easy to remove her with The Gimp. Otherwise there was no hard PP done on the image, slight adjustments for the clouds that got a tad burned even with under exposure and that's it.

Triggering off camera flash with the small built-in of D70s might be unreliable sometimes, especially when it's really bright outside. But more on this issue in the future!


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