New members of the family- Emilia and A Nikon 50mm 1.4

So it finally happened and maternity that I took pictures of materialized into a lovely daughter Emilia :) Now you know why I was gone for a month... So without further delays- here she is.

As this is a photo blog I will not go into details how cool this is- too hard to explain anyway. Let me just summarize briefly:

I will however say that the Nikon 50mm 1.4 is one seriously brilliant lens! I got it for one reason - taking baby pictures. I don't recall removing it off my camera ever since December last year when I brought it home! As the matter of fact I have also removed my kit lens and the big 70-300 out of the backpack and stopped lugging them around all the time (free time that is...).

A 50mm 1.44 was my only lens for the first 5 years with an ancient Zenit camera! It is amazing how quickly I had forgotten what simplicity of a 50mm delivers! Missed it probably too :) So now I am running around with it like a little kid playing with shallow DOF and beautiful bokeh.

It is a bit too tight when using at home on a D70s (which is a DX camera) though... Really tempted to take a look at the 35mm 1.4 but its price gives me the creeps :)

So for now it will be an era of tight shots! Looking forward to this as there are quite a few baby shoots in the pipeline!

As for lighting of above photo - north facing window. Nothing more or less... Very basic processing with Bibble 5.

Now it is time for some diaper change :) Back in a week ;)


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