Seasons greetings

Frosty xmas greetings to all friends! Hope you have a lovely coming year!

Not sure if I can take all credit for the picture... Lets call it a reproduction of natures artwork :)

Take care!

Last wedding this year...

And so, with my last congratulations to the newlyweds, I declare my wedding season over for this year. Nothing else planned, at least. However, you are more than welcome to come up with an unexpected winter wedding!

Meanwhile, a couple of moments from last session at a wedding in Germany.

Summertime fun!

A lovely day spent with family Veitch! The kids were having a blast and were really hard to keep up with! Or is it just me getting old now... :)

So, here is a whole bunch of sunny summertime portraits of kids having fun.

Right before I left Mum suggested that Maya should go and take a nap... That idea was actively refused by crawling under the table and playing with a network cable... If that is not cute, I don't know what is :)

A bit of summer romance

What is a summer without a wedding?! Here are a couple of candid shots from a recent wedding in Sweden. Congrats to the newly weds one more time!

A few more weddings left this year. Hope I will be able to post those here!


Meet Emmet- the drooling, chewing happy five-month-old. A great kid and such an ease to work with! Was smiling for the whole hour while I was there.

As usual in the full post you will find some more details on the techie side of the pictures.

New members of the family- Emilia and A Nikon 50mm 1.4

So it finally happened and maternity that I took pictures of materialized into a lovely daughter Emilia :) Now you know why I was gone for a month... So without further delays- here she is.

As this is a photo blog I will not go into details how cool this is- too hard to explain anyway. Let me just summarize briefly:

Highlight recovery / portrait processing with Bibble 5

Welcome to 2011 ;) First post of the year is made from half year old picture of Desiree Hermann. During Christmas vacation I was playing with one of the (technically) messed up pictures from that photo shoot. The picture is slightly overexposed. Not completely blown out, but not usable straight out of the camera. So I decided to have some practice with highlight recovery and play more with Bibbles layers and new feature of 5.2- layer opacity to try and add more depth to the portrait.

Here is a screenshot of the final image and how it all came together from the original RAW file (straight out of the camera, without even my default RAW settings for Bibble applied to it):

Click on the image to see it bigger!

Jump inside the post to read more details how I got to the final version of this photo. All in all I am seriously happy with what Bibble 5.2 delivered!