Not all cancellations are bad!

Today got a last-minute Christmas card session cancellation (here it is the season of ill children) which turned out into a ton of fun at home instead. So in the end some free time is really good as well. Always look on the bright side of life!

E has a new hideout! One of the 'top secret' type.

J is all laughter. She will never miss her chance to smile back at you.
And I played with Bibbles cross-processing preset while they were resting.

Julia - how it was made

I proudly present the latest member of our family- Julia. She just turned one month! I don't have to say we are more than happy to have her. A note of sanity- this post is not about how Julia was made, it is more about the photo... ;)

Singaporean wedding in Gothenburg

NO! They are not Singaporeans living in Gothenburg! They came all the way to Sweden to get their wedding photos done!

Yes, it was hard to believe for me as well, not just in the beginning, but all the way till I actually met them here in Gothenburg. I am still fascinated by the fact they traveled across the world... And also that I was the one who got to work with them!

We had two great days of fun and intensive shooting marathon. Thanks both Wendy and Winson for sticking it out and not leaving me during one of the night shoots...

PixyLike online proofing is finally here!

"Last time I made the selection, I thought that there has to be a way to simplify this..." In lines of these words were the client comments around proofing process of my photographic work. As you can imagine, going through a couple of hundred proof files, typing down the file names into a mail and sending that over back to me is not the most romantic bit of the photo session. Especially in the extreme cases, like the recent wedding when the choice was to be done from 1.5k photos. Therefore PixyLike Online proofing was born and now not just myself, but any photographer can ease up their own and their client life by automating and simplifying the proofing process!

Softer light with Elinchrom Rotalux 90x110

Finally the time has come to soften the light from my Elinchrom 500BX Ri kit! For that I decided to go with the Rotalux 90x110cm softbox. Here is a picture of contents of the box as it arrived in the mail:
Not sure if the chocolate bars are included by Elinchrom or the web shop that I bought the Rotalux from, but it was a cool extra to find in the box!

Why I got this, other available options and initial thoughts are all listed down below, so read on!

GED Dancers

One of not-so-usual jobs from last year- photo shoot for GED, a dance studio in Göteborg. Talent was their top-rated couple Dawid and Frida- Swedish champions on multiple occasions etc etc. These two can seriously dance! I had a chance to observe them training and it was hard to keep up with all the moves, not to mention that inner feeling of being a tree stump or a rock or whatever heavy bulky and lifeless thing when it comes to dancing.

Definitely worth going to see some dance competition when one comes to your town! And if it is Göteborg, you might even see photos made by me on GED's posters. That was the main intended use for the photos, thus all was shot on white seamless  background.

Read more for the tech details and findings...