Remote Flash at the Sea

Another walk with David after working hours (way after...). This time we were hanging out on the west coast of Sweden, having Lysekil night lights right in front of us. Came across this view with old peer poles in foreground:

Again a perfect time to pull out a wireless flash. And this time as David was here we had two SB-800 units to play with!

Click the link for the result and details!

So, one of the SB-800 was triggered via my Skyport. The other was set to the SU-4 Manual mode and triggered by the first one flashing. Camera on tripod, both of us become VALs and here it is:

Did not put any gels on the flashes in order to keep the light colder than the city, this way the old wood stands out much better.

A bit more life to the ghostly silhouettes, added their own reflections on the water and done.


OK, a few days of digestion and here is the final image: