When the Swedish night gets long and dark...

There is nothing else you can do but fool arround! And that's what we did the other week after figuring out that hotel where we stayed apparently had an IT type spook haunting it...

All these ghost talks triggered Davids imagination which lead to experiments with long exposures.

Some test shots and we decided to shoot on 20 second exposure, first 10 seconds we sit pretending to drink coffee then quickly get out of the frame, that way exposing the scene for another 10 seconds without us in it, making ourselves transparent. Here is the original result:

We used 2 sets of coffee cups. One was always on the table, the other we held in hands and took with us when leaving the frame.

The ghosts were there, but the mood was missing. I needed to make it look like those old long exposure shots. So, here is the result after just a few minutes of post processing:

Well, D and myself had a good time.

Cheers to the night shift girls in Hällsnäs! :)