Last wedding this year...

And so, with my last congratulations to the newlyweds, I declare my wedding season over for this year. Nothing else planned, at least. However, you are more than welcome to come up with an unexpected winter wedding!

Meanwhile, a couple of moments from last session at a wedding in Germany.

Usual works applied to these pictures. All done in Bibble 5. A little bit of vignetting and on top of normal post processing I do all the time I added a little blue tone to the darks. That is done by dragging the blue histogram slider upwards just a little bit:
I do this adjustment in the final layer, so that it does not get messed up by vignette or anything else I would do to the colors in between.

Oh, also made use of the selective color adjustments for the first picture with the dress. Floor boards were way too yellow for this photo, so clicked in the color with color picker and reduced saturation a tad. Much better already!

The light was all natural through the pictures. Those were shot with Nikon 50mm 1.4 or the 18-70 kit lens I had from the early days.

As a bit of a side note- Bibble finally started to fix the stupidest thing in the software. Now custom tool tabs are in the pipeline! It is a bit of a geeky fix at the moment, but check out this post to see how to customize your tool tabs. There is a bunch of other neat features in the new release candidate. Waiting patiently for the final release!


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