Summertime fun!

A lovely day spent with family Veitch! The kids were having a blast and were really hard to keep up with! Or is it just me getting old now... :)

So, here is a whole bunch of sunny summertime portraits of kids having fun.

Right before I left Mum suggested that Maya should go and take a nap... That idea was actively refused by crawling under the table and playing with a network cable... If that is not cute, I don't know what is :)

I think all of them were shot with Nikon 50mm 1.4 lens except for the third picture where Maya is running after bubbles. That one was taken with Nikon 70-700mm. 

Only sunlight used in all of them. It was a tough day to shoot outside- small clouds were following one another through the sky and it was hard to keep up with the sun coming out and hiding again... The D70s is a bit sensitive to that much of a change in lighting so I had to be careful not to burn things when it was sunny and not to underexpose when it was cloudy 3 minutes later.

All processing done with Bibble 5 in what now has become my normal way of working. Minor adjustments, beefing up the colors and adding vignette.

Here is a before/after of one of the pictures:

Quite a good time to post these pictures- it is raining last weeks in Sweden. Nice to remember the sun was here once :)


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