White background for red chilli peppers

While picking these hotties up in the grocery store it hit me that I could practice on them before they become food.

One Nikon SB-800 flash, a Lastolite shoot through umbrella, white sheet of paper, two chairs and some string later:

Setup is hiding inside the post!

It was really cool to get this done with just one flash. Though light reflections on the pepper are unavoidable in this case... Tried playing with a polarizer a little, but that did not really help. Wonder if it would be possible to ditch the reflections if there would be two light sources on both sides of the chillies... That's something for the future!

Here is how the setup looked like:

Naturally, there were strings visible in the original image. Cloned them out with The GIMP. Also the background did not get completely burned out in some places, but it wasn't visible on my monitor...

And jeah... My GF thought I was nuts when I started putting it all up in the living room :)


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