Flashing the boats

A nice sunday evening walk. Weather was great, -5°C chill, not a single cloud in the sky. And here it was- a perfect opportunity to use the off-camera flash on something else, not a human!

To be honest, I made this shot about a month ago for the first time. But then did not have my gear with me, so it was an ugly hand held mess of noise from my mobile.

Knowing the destination of our doggy walk, I rigged up this time. Sun went down, tower lights lit up... It was time to freeze the hands off!

Set the camera on the tripod, on the shoreline. Set up for propper exposure (a few clicks using manual mode and you see if it's fine in the LCD). Composed the shot. And here it is, with two silhouettes in the water...

Had to light them up somehow. Full CTO gel on to the SB-800. Set to manual 1/2 power, triggered with the still propperly working (right back at ya PW users! :p ) Elichrom Skyports. Remote fired the camera with Nikon ML-L3 radio trigger. The first test shot showed there was not enough light on the boats and the boulders on the shore had some light spill on them.

One more time. Full power on the flash, holding it with one hand above my head, using the other hand as a GOBO to cover light spill on the rocks and triggering the camera with my third hand... Oh wait... Have only two of them... It's great to have a girlfriend when you run out of hands :) It was actually her pushing the button.

Here is how the setup looked like in the end:
And this produced the first shot of the post...

The only thing I missed in this whole gig was warm gloves... It took only 5 minutes or so, but my fingers were about to fall off... Next buy is propper heating equipment, not a new lens :)

And jeah, some day, when I have as many SB-8/900s as Joe has, I will try and light up the wooden peer in the background... And maybe the bridge too!


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